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Consumers plays a vital role in the economical system of a nation because in the absence of the effective demand that emanates from them, the economy virtually collapses. Mahatma Gandhi said a cunstomer is the most important visitor in our premises.He is not dependent on us, we are on him.He is not an interruption to our work, he is the purpose of it.
Typically when business people and economists talk of consumers they are talking about person as consumer, an aggregated commodity item with little individuality other than that expressed in the buy/not-buy decision. However there is a trend in marketing to individualize the concept. Instead of generating broad demographic profiles and psycho-graphic profiles of market segments, marketers have started to engage in personalized marketing, permission marketing, and mass customization.[1]
There is increasing backlash from the public over use of the label "consumer" rather than "customer", with many finding it offensive and derogatory.In short, the term "consumer" is the one who consumes the goods and services produced. [2]

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