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Things to know before installing a solar power system.

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Things to know before installing a solar power system. Empty Things to know before installing a solar power system.

Post by JaneAlbert Sat May 28, 2011 1:23 pm

There are certain points that a homeowner should keep in his mind before powering his home with solar energy. There are a numerous Solar power Queensland firms in the market supplying solar panels and other related equipments. Before rushing to purchase a solar power system, as a home owner you need to inquire about all the aspects relating to the making of a residential home solar panel.
Various types of solar panels and solar arrays, which give out different amount wattage, are available in the market. How to get the right one depends up on the energy consumed by household. So the first step towards purchasing a Solar power Queensland system is to determine the average power load requirement of a household.

The next step is to get the rated efficiency of the photovoltaic cells of different companies. Always go for a photovoltaic cell with higher percentage of wattage output. It is always better choose a product which offers longer guarantee periods. It would be better to go with a product, which offers lifetime guarantee or at least a 30 year guarantee.
One important decision to be made by the homeowner is regarding the grid system to be used. Solar panel systems are of two types:
Grid-Tied System: Your residential solar panels are connected to your current power source. This system supplements the energy from your solar panels with the power from your electric company.
Battery backed Grid-Tied System: The power from your residential solar panels are collected in a battery and used in urgent situations and the excess power is passed through your meter to electric company.

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